ALEXIS P. SUTER sings righteous blues. Truly righteous blues. From the time she could walk, talk and sing, MISS SUTER went to church with her God fearing family and sang Gospel praises. The steps of transition that lead her from her Gospel music upbringing to her passion for the blues was a short, logical one. "To me, blues is gospel's baby," MISS SUTER told Sunbury's The Daily Item in an interview earlier this year. "Blues is a state of mind...Blues is just a feeling. I know what it feels like to me. I can sing it." Oh, and how she can sing it!

It was the combination of magnificent power that flowed through her rich, baritone voice, the ebb of humility and vulnerability that always laid just below the surface, and the delicately balanced antagonistic pair of tempest and tranquility that surfed UPON her blues wave to carry ALEXIS P. SUTER to the stage to play alongside celebrated musicians like B. B. King, Levon Helm and Dan Aykroyd. B.B. King remarked, "It's a rare thing to share the stage with great talent like that young lady."

Raised and still based in Brooklyn, New York, ALEXIS P. SUTER and her band are not strangers to our region; they are accumulating a rapidly growing fan base here. Their most recent CD release, "Love The Way You Roll," is creating a whole new congregation of followers with its unique sound and unmistakable appeal. Accompanying MISS SUTER with consistently tight performances is Mr. RAY GRAPPONE on drums, bassist Mr. PETER BENNETT, guitarist Mr. JIMMY BENNETT, and backing vocalist, Miss VICKI BELL.

Heartfelt congratulations are in order to ALEXIS P. SUTER, who is nominated for The Koko Taylor Award at the upcoming 36th Annual Blues Music Awards, and was nominated for Best Soul Blues Female Artist at the 33rd Annual BMA's. According to Offbeat music magazine, this is "universally recognized as the highest accolade afforded musicians and songwriters in blues music.” Those who were fortunate enough to see her perform at Briggs Farm Blues Festival and Destination Blues understand the universal truth of this recognition of her talent and achievement.

The management and staff take great pride in welcoming THE ALEXIS P. SUTER BAND to their premier appearance at JACK'S MOUNTAIN BLUES FESTIVAL. In true gospel fashion, THE ALEXIS P. SUTER BAND will take you down to the river of blues, baptize you in the waters of love and kindness, and set your soul free. Welcome disciple, you have arrived.