Just like Bruce Springsteen, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Jimi Hendrix - the musicians who personally influenced him - JEFF FETTERMAN is a stand-up, straightforward, passionate man with strong, blue collar roots.  Jeff’s roots run deep and they begin in Bradford, PA, which might seem a lifetime away from the dreams of becoming a successful musician, but at five years old the spark ignited within him, the ember grew, and his soul caught fire.

FETTERMAN spent his early years paying his dues, practicing his craft with the obsession of a musician possessed, and picking up available gigs with a series of bands.  That is, until he met the members of his band, who, after ten years, still continue to play their live shows, promoting their original music with the same high energy and enthusiasm as they did at JFB’s inception.
THE JEFF FETTERMAN BAND (JFB) has toured extensively throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio, opening shows for MOLLY HATCHET, THREE DOG NIGHT, BUCK CHERRY, .38 SPECIAL, and ANA POPOVIC  They played the Hard Rock Cafe (Pittsburgh, PA) in January, 2013, with POPOVIC and at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Hall for KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD in March, 2013

Comprising JFB is JEFF FETTERMAN, on lead guitar and vocals; bassist RALPH REITINGER; JOHN McGUIRE, on drums; and JUDY KESSLER, on vocals and percussion. This four-piece blues/ rock jam band has the professional chops and delivers the goods! THE JEFF FETTERMAN BAND has produced two CDs that showcase their original writing and instrumentation: “Ordinary Man” and “The Long Hard Road.” From their work on “The Long Hard Road”, the band was awarded a 3-song publishing contract with Transition Music Corporation in California. THE JEFF FETTERMAN BAND has had songs featured in film and television, including The Closer, Passions, and the Spanish film Tough Guy.

The newly released CD “Bottle Full of Blues” showcases the versatility and creative scope of JEFF FETTERMAN’S songwriting talents and features eleven original, groundbreaking compositions.